Düsseldorf Digital Development

Improve your skills in 3Ds

Dear Jurismusser,


I am delighted to welcome you to Düsseldorf in the heart of Europe.


Being the capital of Germany’s biggest state, North Rhine-Westfalia (in German: “Nordrhein-Westfalen, abbr. “NRW”), Düsseldorf is not only Germany’s major foreign trade centre but also well known for its spectacular architecture, its fashion trade fairs  and the  Altbier, an amber beer that is not only served in the breweries of the Altstadt, Düsseldorf’s bustling old town.


Although rather small Düsseldorf is the centre of a metropolitan region with more than 13 million people living within one hour’s driving distance. It has always been considered to be the "writing desk" of the Ruhr region, the former coal and steel area, and was a location of the steel industry, as well.


Düsseldorf has managed to adapt itself to the changing times and has become an international business centre. People from all over the world meet here and set up their businesses, you can find in Düsseldorf the third biggest Japanese community in Europe. They enjoy the good infrastructure, the short distances, the open mind-set of the people and the relaxed atmosphere of the old town and media harbour.


We will dive into this special atmosphere and meet with people from politics and businesses. We will discuss the current und future challenges of the digital revolution and – last but not least – we will have a wonderful time with friends.


I hope you will be here with us.


Stefan Daubner

Busekist Winter & Partner